March 13, 2006

Take the stress out of renting

Sinclair Property has seen a major change in the rental market since they opened in 2000.

With the booming economy many people have found themselves in the enviable position of being able to afford investment properties. The low interest climate up to now has meant that securing a second mortgage has become affordable, given the rental income available in certain areas.

So, if you have purchased a second home and want to rent out your first house what are your options? You have to decide if you want to hand over your property to a reputable letting agency i.e. Sinclair Property, who will basically take the headaches and stress out of finding tenants and if you like will manage the property during the term of the lease.

Sinclair Property services include advertising your property, viewings for prospective tenants, preparing the lease agreement, obtaining and checking references, receiving deposits, advance rent, PRTB registration, inventories and change utility bills.

Since 2004 laondlords are required to register with the private Residential Tenancies Board.

Should you require it we also offer a management service. We have an excellent database of reliable workmen who can come at short notice to fix electrical, mechanical or structural problems which may arise at the most unsocial hours.

At the moment we have  requirement for good quality 2,3 bedroom houses and apartments. Feel free to call to speak to our friendly staff to arrange a viewing if you have a property to rent.